Roadside Recording Studio
Roadside Recording Studio is a 640 square foot open concept recording space located on the third floor of an 1860's farmhouse in beautiful Danville, Vermont; a part of the state's rural Northeast Kingdom region.  Our atmosphere is inviting, vibey and relaxed.

Roadside was officially started in 1996 by Ryan Dauphin in his parents' basement. The early days consisted of a 4-track tape machine and then a move to digital based recording in the late '90s.

Our current studio set up centers around a British-era Midas Venice 320 analog console going into modified vintage transformer-based Altec Lansing preamps with Burr Brown operational amps. From the preamps, the signal flows through (2) 8 channel Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 interfaces into an Apple iMac (with 16 gigs of ram & a 1 TB hard drive).

Find us on Facebook @roadsiderecording or shortcut to: RSRstudio.com
For sound samples check out: http://www.soundcloud.com/roadsiderecording